Obtaining a license

To work with Xopus you need a license. Xopus will check for a domain key every time it is started. You can get a full license or an evaluation/developer license. Licenses can be created through the website or requested via e-mail at We offer licenses in different packages and with different options.

Evaluation/Develper License

A developer license is a license for one user on a single domain. The license is meant for people who wish to evaluate Xopus or are working on development with Xopus. The license are free and valid only for a limited time.

Standard License

Standard licenses are licenses for people using Xopus. Licenses are purchased for the amount of users working with Xopus on a domain.


License costs are calculated based on the amount of concurrent users on a license. You buy users on your license up to the amount of end users that will work with Xopus at the same time.

Domain Keys

Xopus needs domain keys for every domain the editor is used on. For development purposes you can get a development license with a single key. In case more keys are needed, contact us on the SDL Support Portal. Keys are provided after obtaining a license.

Domain keys can be purchased for subdomains. In case you will be working on and, you can simply purchase a key for

Update Subscription

An Xopus license comes with a single subscription to one year of updates to the product. Updates with fixes and new features are released often, and can be quite important should you encounter problems. This subscription must be renewed every year for the client to be entitled to updates to the product.

Other options

Licenses can be extended with other options, such as the Integration Packs to get us to help you to integrate SDL Xopus into your system, or Developer Workshops as training for your developers to learn to work with and implement SDL Xopus.


License and Support Agreement

For more information contact us at